Classification of Exhibits

Classification of Exhibits

  • 1.Planning, design, CAD
  • 2.Cutting, spreading, CAM
  • 3.Sewing
  • 4.Embroidery, printing
  • 5.Finishing, inspection, testing
  • 6.Weaving, knitting, dyeing
  • 7.Textiles, fibers, non-woven fabrics
  • 8.Notions, supplies
  • 9.Household furnishings, apparel accessories
  • 10.Distribution, logistics
  • 11.Home sewing
  • 12.Sundry industrial textiles
  • 13.Information technology
  • 14.Information services
  • 15.Facilities, equipment, environment
  • 16.Products (fiber, sewing products etc.) Other

Anticipated visitors

  • Apparel manufacturers
  • Interior goods manufacturers
  • Embroidery and printing manufacturers
  • Sewing factory
  • Dealers
  • Machine manufacturers
  • Textile manufacturers
  • SPA
  • Retailers
  • Students
  • Other

Show publicity

Heavy worldwide promotion across all sectors related to the industry!

Aiming to attract 7,000 overseas visitors, mainly from Asia.

JIAM has the solid backing of JASMA

JIAM is organized by the leading industry organization, Japan Sewing Machinery Manufacturers Association(JASMA).
Maintaining strong links with other organizations in Japan and overseas, JASMA provides the kind of close coordination and strong pull needed to attract a large attendance.

All-out worldwide publicity

All-out worldwide publicityPress conferences will ensure that the show will be featured in key apparel and textile industries trade publications. The buzz will be maintained by regularly sending information to related organizations. Press releases and other media will further spread the publicity so that all users and dealers will be informed.

Direct mail

Direct mailTextile and garment manufacturers, sewing factories,
dealers and importers and exporters, related organizations, and influential people in Japan and overseas will directly receive flyers, show previews, and invitations.

PR activities at related trade shows

PR activities at related trade showsJIAM 2012 will be actively promoted at related trade events in Japan and overseas.

Symposium and seminar schedule

Symposium and seminar scheduleMotivation to attend will be boosted by inviting, from all over the world, prominent leading lights in the industry to speak about and explore the latest trends.

Internet for global publicity, latest news on our website

Internet for global publicity, latest news on our websiteUsing the JIAM public website at to present all the necessary information along with the latest updates, and by active promotion with e-mail, we have the means of reaching everyone connected with sewing and apparel in Japan and overseas.

Sightseeing tours and factory visits

Sightseeing tours and factory visitsTo make the visiting Osaka even more tempting, special sightseeing tours and factory visits will be offered.