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To Launch Innovative Solutions for Global Apparel and Textile Industry

Aiming to contribute to the development of apparel and sewing industries, attracting advanced high-quality exhibits, spanning the period 1984 to 2012, responsive to changing technology and circumstances, Japan Sewing Machinery Manufacturers Association (JASMA) have provided ten editions as JIAM International Apparel Machinery Trade Show. The next edition in the series of JIAM show will be held at Osaka in April 2016.

Trade show spanning all varieties of processing for apparel and industrial textiles

11th edition,JIAM 2016 OSAKA will encompass both apparel industry and textile industry as a whole in including non-apparel sectors and segments such as automotive, upholstery, outdoor & lifestyle goods and up-coming industrial textile goods. It will be showing the latest technologies and innovative new products related to the whole of the sewing industry, apparel manufacturing, and textile processing. Therefore, show title from 11th edition is being extended to "Japan International Apparel Machinery & Textile Industry Trade Show”.
Under the show theme – Innovative Solutions & Advanced Processing Technology – JIAM 2016 OSAKA will showcase IT, both as Information Technology and as Innovative Technology. Presenting both the latest hardware and software in a place to view the most advanced products from the whole wide world; this is a complete trade show where the focus is on doing real business

A place to meet “New Business Partners”

Apparel and textile business associations, government agencies, machinery manufacturing groups, research and educational institutions, and other related organizations are all supporting JIAM 2016 OSAKA. During the show, right across the range of the sewing-related sector, besides valuable deepening and broadening of communications between exhibitors and trade visitors, there will be plenty of opportunities to discover innovative solutions, to encounter business partners. JIAM 2016 OSAKA is recognized as an indispensable platform for business, a key international trade fair for both exhibitors and visitors.

Parallel shows with linked industries

To accommodate the scale of JIAM 2016 OSAKA, Halls 2, 3, 4, and 5 of INTEX OSAKA have been reserved.
Moreover, to activate greater synergy between trade visitors and exhibitors, organizations from textiles, fashion,supplies & accessories, and other related segments are being encouraged to simultaneously hold an Apparel and Textile Industry Trade Show.

Advanced by forward-looking Abenomics, JASMA promotes innovation!

Japanese government has taken an initiative of a decisive economic strategy consisting of three pillars, dubbed “the three arrows”.
These three arrows consist of aggressive monetary policy, flexible fiscal policy and structural reform of the economy. For the sewing-related sector, in particular, taking advantage of stimulus measures, these economic policies are equivalent to provide tax incentives of one trillion yen. Tax incentives are being offered with the intention of promoting: capital investment to improve productivity. Meanwhile, the government plans budget allowances of up to five trillion yen to encourage a ‘virtuous cycle’ by promoting things such as innovative manufacturing and others.
Under the umbrella of Abenomics, the Japanese government has hammered out various economic policies to reactivate the industrial sector. These are creating an environment that is stimulating many Japanese companies to carry out capital investment and to develop innovative new products. In the spirit of forward-looking Abenomics, JASMA is promoting innovation.

Special support for the exhibition of innovative new products

Looking forward to announcing world leading developments at JIAM 2016 OSAKA, JASMA member companies are currently mobilizing innovative technology and working on the development of new products.
The fruits of this effort are likely to be relevant to emerging economies where, owing to the effects of wage increases and labor shortages, there is demand for automation and rationalization.
Committed to innovative solutions, JIAM 2016 OSAKA will act as a platform for transmitting information about wonderful, new, groundbreaking products to the world. You can be confident that, through the show, the organizers are determined to make a positive contribution to the development of the global apparel and textile industry. One expression of this is a Special Exhibitor Support Scheme to encourage companies to demonstrate or exhibit innovative new products or technical services that are in line with the themes of JIAM 2016 OSAKA, and to extend a hand to companies seeking first-time participation in JIAM. This special support includes making free booth space available to qualifying applicants.

Exhibition being held during the beautiful season of flowering cherries

JIAM 2016 OSAKA is scheduled for early April, a time when cherry blossom graces textile city Osaka.
Overseas visitors will be able to derive business and professional benefits from the exhibition and, after hours, have wonderful opportunities to fully enjoy the history and culture of Japan.
Thus, from right across the range of business, whatever your rank or posi tion, you are cordially invited to JIAM 2016 OSAKA, a renewed global trade fair for global apparel and sewing industries.

Shogo Kondo
Chairman, JIAM 2016 Executive Committee
Japan Sewing Machinery Manufacturers Association

AboutJIAM 2016 OSAKA

One of Japan’s largest international trade fairs in terms of overseas visitors!

The previous JIAM show, held in 2012, attracted influential people in the industry from 53 countries and regions. In fact, overseas trade visitors accounted for one in six of the total.
Visitor feedback was excellent: one respondent praised its ‘vibrant international character’ and being able to ‘get lots of the latest information.
Actively carrying out wide-ranging targeted publicity in the sewing sector, JIAM 2016 OSAKA is aiming to attract 30,000 visitors, 5,000 from overseas. Free via web-site pre-registration!

Gathering Innovation wide range of processing for both apparel and industrial textiles

JIAM 2016 OSAKA will extend beyond core segments related to processing apparel and clothing. Gathering innovative equipment, products, and services – from fabric treatments to lifestyle goods – the show will also encompass non-apparel sectors.
Show attendance provides an experience that goes beyond catalogs and the Internet.
You can see actual exhibits and demonstrations that show you how you can make your business go forward.
To help realize soon-to-come total freedom of creation in the global fashion industry, JIAM 2016 OSAKA aims to gather the latest ‘Innovative manufacturing technology and products’ in an event that will leave visitors saying, “I’m glad I came and saw it myself.”
You can also expect a synergistic pay off from interaction between exhibitors and visitors to parallel trade fairs for textiles, fashion, and supplies & accessories that are being held at the same time.

Discover solutions and encounter business partners

JIAM 2016 OSAKA is a major international trade fair, a global showcase. Also, offering a new business model, it’s much more than a simple stage.
It also features symposiums and seminars mostly concerned with the ‘innovative solutions’ theme. In addition, providing responsive support for the diverse needs of manufacturing businesses, a Service Area for New Business Matching is being set up to facilitate encounters with new business partners.

Special Exhibitor Support Scheme

JIAM 2016 OSAKA is introducing a Special Exhibitor Support Scheme to encourage companies to demonstrate or exhibit innovative new products or technical services that are in line with the show themes, and to tempt companies that want to participate for the first time in JIAM. This special support includes making free booth space available to qualifying applicants.

Exhibition will be held during the cherry blossom season

JIAM 2016 OSAKA is scheduled for the start of April, early spring, a time when cherry blossom graces textile city Osaka.
Overseas trade visitors will be able to derive business and professional benefits from the exhibition and, after hours, have wonderful opportunities to fully enjoy the history and culture of Japan.


Japan International Apparel Machinery & Textile Industry Trade Show
Theme Innovative Solutions & Advanced Processing Technology
Dates 6th (Wed.) - 9th (Sat.) April 2016 <4 days>
INTEX OSAKA Hall No. 2, 3, 4 & 5
1-5-102, Nanko-Kita, Suminoe-Ku, Osaka, 559-0034 Japan
Organizer JASMA
Japan Sewing Machinery Manufacturers Association (JASMA)
Organizing partner INTEX OSAKA
Osaka International Business Promotion Center
Support(provisional) Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Osaka Prefectural Government
Osaka City Government Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)
Japan National Tourism Organization The Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Special support VDMA
VDMA - German Garment and Leather Technology Association
SPESA - Sewn Products Equipment & Suppliers of the Americas
CSMA - China Sewing Machinery Association
Exhibits [Sector]: (A) Sewing related equipment (B) Sewing related parts & material (C) Textile related equipment (D) Textile goods (E) IT - Information technology (F) Others
[Classification of Exhibits]: Planning, design, CAD / Cutting, spreading, CAM / Sewing / Embroidery, printing, Cutting embroidery / Finishing, llaundry / Inspection, testing / Home sewing / Supplies, accessories / Materials and sewn products / Weaving, Knitting, dyeing / Textiles, fibers, non-woven fabrics / Automotive and aircraft related / Interior, furniture, housing / Fashion accessories, household goods / Sundry industrial textiles / IT - Information technology / Distribution, logistics / Facilities, equipment, environment / Education and human resource development / Information services
Anticipated visitors Apparel manufacturers / Fashion House / Interior goods manufacturers / Embroidery and printing manufacturers / Sewing factories / Dealers / Textile processing industry / Automotive and aircraft industry / Fashion accessories and household goods dealers / Cleaning laundry industry / Textile manufacturers / Logistics / Retailers / Trading companies / Students / Others
Exhibition Space 1,300 booths 24,930sqm
Projected number of visitors 30,000(overseas: 5,000)
Admission fee Free via web-site pre-registration <admission fees at the event site JPY1,000>
Contacts naadinternational
Naad International Co., Ltd.
Messe Tech Co., Ltd.
Mesago Messe Frankfurt Corporation

Promotional activities

Aiming to achieve target of at least 5,000 overseas visitors, especially from Asia

The main force behind JIAM, JASMA comprises major sewing machine manufacturing companies. At home and overseas, JASMA maintains close cooperation with related organizations and will mobilize these channels of communication to strongly encourage overseas visitors.

PR activities at related trade shows

We will work to attract a broad range of visitors through links with other related trade shows and enthusiastically carry out promotions and presentations at show venues in Japan and overseas.

Visa application support and shopping and sightseeing information

To smooth the way for visitors from overseas and to enhance their stays in Japan, we will provide support for visa applications and provide information on hotels, restaurants, shopping, and interesting after hours excursions.

Direct mail campaign

Using connections with sponsoring and cooperating organizations and with prominent exhibiting companies, as well as with overseas and domestic companies related with textiles, apparel making, sewing workshops, retailing, wholesaling, import and export, and clothing, we will carry out a wide-ranging direct mail campaign targeting potential visitors.

Intensive publicity

In the run up to the show, announcing any activities and developments, we will conduct a wide-ranging publicity campaign. Besides sending notifications and news to exhibitors, potential exhibitors and all allied organizations, we will also send news to Japanese and overseas journals and trade papers connected with the apparel, textile and related sectors.

Using the Internet for global publicity

Using the JIAM public website http://jiam-show.com/ and e-mail, information and the latest news will be made available to potential visitors who work throughout the world across the whole apparel and textile-related sectors.