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Privacy Policy

Japan Sewing Machine Manufacturers Association(JASMA) Privacy Policy

Japan Sewing Machine Manufacturers Association (JASMA) places an importance on the protection of personal information. In order to appropriately manage the protection of personal information, JASMA prescribes the following Privacy Policy for the acquisition and use of personal Information, and shall handle personal information in accordance with it.

  1. 1.JASMA shall comply with laws and other standards governing the handling of personal information.
  2. 2.JASMA shall acquire, use, and provide personal information within the smallest scope possible in order to perform association duties.
  3. 3.JASMA shall properly manage the personal information it collects, while striving for a constant and continuous review of its management.
  4. 4.JASMA shall strive to always manage personal information so it is accurate and up-to-date.
  5. 5.If a person inquires to view, correct, or delete the information that the Association has on that person, JASMA shall meet inquiries within reason.

The purpose for using of Personal Information and Personal Own Data

JASMA will use the personal information and personal own data as follows;

  1. 1.for making contact, reporting activities, and accounting in accordance with the JASMA's management and operations.
  2. 2.for consumer consultations (contacting the person in question and introducing businesses, etc.)
  3. 3.for various statistics surveys (sending questionnaires, and making contact for information.)
  4. 4.for the various activities of the JASMA (Sending announcements about various meetings, seminars & events, managing participants, making contact, accounting and etc.)