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Encounter with new business partners at the world’s leading trade fair

 The 11th edition of JIAM, featuring apparel and garment processing industry as core business, will expand exhibition category to textile processing industry as a whole. In order to serve as a platform for information exchange for all parties concerned, JIAM is coming back with a brand-new show title – “Japan International Apparel Machinery & Textile Industry Trade Show”.
Bringing apparel manufacturing, textile processing, textile-related equipment, materials, products, information, and services under one roof, we will showcase the most advanced equipment, systems and services to the world.
JIAM 2016 OSAKA, internationally recognized as an indispensable platform for business, will offer solutions to help your business grow and tackle business challenges.

Exhibition Texture

 JIAM 2016 OSAKA is an international trade show that takes you to the cutting edge technology for the fashion, apparel, textile, and interior design industries. Here you'll find the latest in innovative technology, practices, equipment, materials, products, information, and services all under one roof. There is something here for everyone with exhibits spanning everything from state-of-the-art sewing and garment manufacturing equipment to the latest in CAD/CAM, embroidery, printing, home sewing, supplies & accessories, materials, textile-related equipment, automotive and aircraft related products, interior decorations, fashion accessories, household goods, education and human resource development, as well as information services.

Sewing Machines, Equipment, and Related Parts

In the sewing machine sector, exhibitions will be put on by leading-edge Japanese manufacturers, including corporate members of JASMA, and major overseas makers from Europe, Asia, and elsewhere.
The products are not limited to sewing machines, and many specialist companies will be showing numerous attachments, parts, finishing machines, and other related equipment.

Notions, supplies

This zone brings together displays by makers and traders in interlinings, sewing threads, and other supplies. It also features test equipment and other items indispensable for the apparel industry.

Embroidery, Printing & Dyeing

In one place, you can see all kinds of printing and dyeing systems from embroidery machines to garment printers for T-shirts and large textile inkjet printers.


You can have a good look at systems for apparel CAD and the most advanced spreading machines, cutting machines, and other equipment, while also collecting the latest news from various presentations.

Home Sewing Machine Zone

“Home Sewing Zone”, a B to C zone that showcases sewing machines and related accessories for home usage, will be installed at JIAM 2016 OSAKA. Themed “The enjoyment of creating and pleasure of sharing - a new style of home sewing -”, this zone will be a platform to provide suggestions on how to enjoy making things using a home sewing machine. Visitors can enjoy a wide variety of workshops organized by major manufacturers.

Special Events in Home Sewing (Machine) Zone

Wide variety of workshops and hair arrangements, make-ups, nail-polishing and other activities are available.

JASMA Home Sewing Competition for Elementary, Middle and high school students. The works of Excellence Award recipients will be displayed.

Classification of Exhibits

  1. Planning, Design, CAD
  2. Cutting, Spreading, CAM
  3. Sewing Equipment
  4. Embroidery, Printing,
    Laser design processing
  5. Finishing, Laundry
  6. Inspection, Testing
  7. Home Sewing
  8. Supplies, Accessories
  9. Fiber, Sewing Products
  10. Weaving, Knitting, Dyeing
  11. Textiles, Fibers,Non-woven Fabrics
  12. Automotive and Aircraft related
  13. Interiors, Furniture, Housing
  14. Fashion Accessories, Household Goods
  15. Sundry Industrial Textiles
  16. IT - Information Technology
  17. Distribution Logistics
  18. Facilities, Equipment, Environment
  19. Education and Human Resource Development
  20. Information Services

Anticipated visitors

Apparel manufacturers / Fashion House / Interior goods manufacturers / Embroidery and printing manufacturers / Sewing factories / Dealers / Textile processing industry / Automotive and aircraft industry / Fashion accessories and household goods dealers / Cleaning laundry industry / Textile manufacturers / Logistics / Retailers / Trading companies / Students / Others


INTEX OSAKAINTEX OSAKA Halls 2, 3, 4, and 5

Parallel shows with linked industries

To accommodate the scale of JIAM 2016 OSAKA, Halls 2, 3, 4, and 5 of INTEX OSAKA have been reserved.
Moreover, to activate greater synergy between trade visitors and exhibitors, organizations from textiles, fashion, supplies & accessories, and other related segments are being encouraged to simultaneously hold an Apparel and Textile Industry Trade Show.