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Special Seminar

Please register online for the number of seminars you would like to attend.
Venue: Special Seminar Area in Hall No.5
200 seats, admission free
※Simultaneous interpretation: English, and Japanese

4/6 Wed. 13:00ー13:05 Opening address
Kazuyuki Nakamura
Chairman, Japan Sewing Machinery Manufacturers Association (JASMA)
13:10ー14:10 Growth strategy for the manufacturing industry using robots and IoT as the key solution

 Kiyoshi Sawaki
Director of Industrial Machinery Division Manufacturing Industrial Bureau,
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

14:25ー15:25 Germany’s Industrie 4.0 - Challenges and Opportunities for Industry: Innovation for the Textile and Apparel Business-

 Georg K. Löer
NRW Japan K.K.
Economic Development Agency of the German State of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW)

∗Title and speaker has been changed from "The future vision of apparel manufacturing industry"
15:40ー16:25 Latest market trends of the sewing industry in Ethiopia and other east African countries

 Kazunori Sakae
Specialist, Japan Sewing Machinery Manufacturers Association (JASMA)

4/7 Thur. 11:00ー12:00 [Skills training seminar] The innovative way of making clothes taught by a "Contemporary Master Craftsman" -Proposing the use of gluing and welding technologies-

 Susumu Inarida
Specially-appointed committee member, Japan Modelist Association

13:00ー14:30 [Panel discussion] "A proposal project on monozukuri (manufacturing) from Japan"
-The future of Made-in-Japan products desired by global customers

 Yoshiharu Kaihara
Chairman(C.E.O.), Kaihara Corporation

 Yoshio Sadasue
Chairman, Maker’s Shirt Kamakura Co.,Ltd.

 Nobutaka Morioku
President, IWATE MORIYA Co.,Ltd.

 Norimitsu Shibayama
Clothing Designer(IACDE), SUN・MODE STUDIO LTD.

 Moderator : Nobuyuki Kume
Chair of the board(COB), KUME Co.,Ltd.

15:00ー16:00 J∞Quality - Current and future situation

 Shigeki Kondoh
Chairman, Japan Apparel Technology and Resarch Association

100 years after tailoring of “100nencoat” - the first certified product of J ∞ QUALITY

 Kazutaka Ishida
Assitant Manager, Sanyo Coat Merchiandising Group, Sanyo Coat Essential Division SANYO SHOKAI LTD.

4/8 Fri. 11:00ー12:00 “Current state of testing : problems and corrective solution”
Test Method for Determining antibacterial activity, antiviral activity, and deodorant property of Textile Products

 Yasuo Imoto
Manager, Microbial Testing Laboratory
Kobe Testing Center Japan Textile Products Quality and Technology Center

The latest evaluation technology for functional textiles

 Yoichiro Yoshioka
Manager, Boken Quality Evaluation Institute

13:00ー14:00 Featured by FBS Made-in-Japan products on which major department stores are working
-Current and future Isetan Mitsukoshi Japan Senses initiatives-

 Yoji Naka
Managing Executive Officer
General Manager, Mitsukoshi Nihombashi Store

14:30ー15:30 Made“By”JAPAN: Diversification in the Asian sewing technology ‒ Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia,
Myammar and Bangladesh - Our strategy to operate in the most suitable production site

 Kazuya Masai
Senior Executive Director, Yumine Co., Ltd.

 Masayuki Tsunekawa
President, SANTEI CO., LTD.

 Kazuo Iwai
President, Japan Rocks Co., ltd

 Takashi Ishiguro
President, Kojima Iryo Co.,ltd

 Moderator : Hiroshi Wada
Director / Executive secretary, ASIA・APPAREL PRODUCTION NETWORK(AAP)

15:50ー16:40 The development of the e-Textile, "Photovoltaic textile" and "RFID-fiber"
Takahiro Tsuji Researcher, Industrial Technology Center of FUKUI Prefecture e-Textile research group
Atsuji Masuda Senior researcher, Industrial Technology Center of FUKUI Prefecture e-Textile research group
4/9 Sat. 11:00ー12:00 Co-creative garment making for physically impaired persons
- Towards Paralympics -

 Takeshi Kurata
The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)

Facilitator : Noriyasu Higuchi KAKENHI Project Member

13:00ー14:00 Digitalization of fashion and future aspects of textile industry

 Nobufumi Morita

14:00ー14:05 Closing address
Shogo Kondo Vice Chairman, Japan Sewing Machinery Manufacturers Association(JASMA)

※Requests for participation on the day of the seminar can only be accepted if seating is available.
※Lectures, dates and times, and event halls may be changed without notice.