Sewing industry to converge at JIAM 2022 OSAKA equipment and expert insights top the agenda

2022/06/06 News release

JIAM 2022 OSAKA, organised by the Japan Sewing Machinery Manufactures Association
(JASMA), is set to be held at INTEX OSAKA from 30 November 3 December 2022. An estimated 10 9 exhibitors from 6 countries and regions will showcase their products bringing state of the art technology and master craftsmanship together. The show will provide solutions catering to each and every need in the sewing industry , combining high level skillsets that have survived drastic market changes in the past with the latest tech nology built on knowledge and history.

The fair open s its doors in less than six months, welcom ing 10 9 exhibitors, of which 8 2 are returning exhibitors ( 7 2 domestic, 10 overseas). 2 7 companies (1 4 domestic, 13 overseas) will be joining the fair for the first time. The show will welcome overseas exhibitors from 6 countries and regions, including China, Greece, India, Taiwan and Thailand. The organising team is looking toward to the upcoming fair with a positive mindset n ow that the pandemic seems to be under control in many countries and international companies are beginning to resume their normal business operations. The fact that many international suppliers have applied to participate at JIAM 2022 OSAKA, even as immigration restrictions remain in place, indicates the high expectations placed on the fair as an international business platform.
The theme for the 2022 edition is “It all connects at JIAM the forefront of technology and maste rcraftsmanship”

Workshops to focus on u pcycling in the sewing industry

The apparel industry is facing serious environmental challenges as a result of mass consumption.
According to data from the Ministry of the Environment of Japan , an average of 1,300 tons of clothing is disposed each day in the country . In response to this situation, the Ministry of the Environment has proposed sustainable fashion as an initiative to make the industry more eco friendly for companies and consumers.

In this regard, a special workshop will be organi s ed by Brother Industries Ltd, Janome Corp JUKI Corp and JASMA covering topics such as Sewing experience with u pcycling material : Responsibility to Manufacture, Responsibility to Use" P ublic visitors will be taught to sew reusable bags using upcycling fabric s from “Coelman tent”. Fairgoers will also have the opportunity to learn about the UN’s S ustainable D evelopment G oal (SDG) initiatives , particularly with relation to the apparel industry.

Comprehensive seminar program

Eleven seminars and panel discussions are scheduled to be held during the four-day fair. Of these, the most notable are "The Forefront of Asian Apparel: 10 Years of Struggle and the Future of Japanese Garment Manufacturers" on November 30 (Wed.) at 3:00 p.m. and " Challenging the Factory Era: Opening Up Japanese and Global Markets through Manufacturing" on December 1 (Thu.) at 1:30 p.m.

Social media and e-commerce have made it possible to directly connect manufacturers and consumers, allowing suppliers to communicate with consumers about their high level of craftsmanship and commitment to their products. Now that the market has expanded beyond Japan to the rest of the world, manufacturers are truly being tested on their output. Taking on the challenge of direct to consumer (D to C) marketing, factory brands representing the knitwear, women's wear, and cut and sewn clothing industries will share their knowledge and discuss challenges and future prospects.

JIAM 2022 OSAKA key details


JIAM 2022 OSAKA-Japan International Apparel Machinery & Textile Industry Trade Show


Japan Sewing Machinery Manufactures Association (JASMA)


30 November–3 December, 2022


INTEX OSAKA,Hall 4, 5, 6

Exhibitor profile:

Planning, design, CAD, cutting, spreading, CAM, sewing equipment, embroidery, printing, laser design processing, finishing, laundry, inspection, testing, home sewing, supplies, accessories, fiber, sewing products, weaving, knitting, dyeing, textiles, fibers, non-woven fabrics, automotive and aircraft related, interior, furniture, housing, fashion accessories, household goods, sundry industrial textiles, IT-information technology, distribution, logistics, facilities, equipment, environment, education and human resources, information services, others.

Visitor profile:

apparel manufacturer, sewing industry, textile manufacturers, textile processing industry, machine manufacturer and sales industry, embroidery and printing, manufactures and dyeing and finishingindustry, automotive, aircraft and aerospace industry, cleaning laundry industry, supplies and accessories, fashion, accessories and household goods dealers, interior goods manufacturers, distribution and logistics, retailers, specialty store retailer of private label apparel, trading companies, governmental agency and association and embassy, students, others

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