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2020/01/20 News release

JIAM 2020 OSAKA, organised by the Japan Sewing Machinery Manufactures Association (JASMA), will be held from 20 - 23 May 2020 at INTEX OSAKA. Under the theme of ‘the forefront of the Future technology and Master craftsmanship collaboration’ the 12th edition will showcase products in which ‘state-of-the-arttechnology’ and ‘master craftsmanship’ come together. The show will provide solutions catering to each and every need, by combining existing high-level skillsets that have survived drastic market changes in the past with the latest technology built on knowledge and history.


JIAM 2020 OSAKA will open its doors in four months, and welcomes 162 exhibitors, of which 21 returning exhibitors (17 domestic, 4 overseas) have expanded their exhibition space. 33 companies (16 domestic, 18 overseas) will be joining the fair for the first time. The total exhibition space from JASMA member companies increased by 8.9%. The show will welcome overseas exhibitors from 14 countries and regions, including Australia, China, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, India, Korea, Macao, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey and the UK. In addition, Germany will participate with a pavilion of over 100sqm organised by the VDMA German garment and leather technology association. This demonstrates a growing interest in sewing machinery and related equipment manufacturers from all over the world.

Special seminars

Textile industry issues and initiatives from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

Ms Hiromi Sugiura, Director of Lifestyle Industries Division Manufacturing Industries Bureau in The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry will be holding the seminar to present a variety of ideas to overcome presentday problems in the industry.

Toward 4.0 Smart Industries in the fashion industry

Led by Mr Shigeki Kondo, Chairman of The Japan Apparel Technology and Research Association, this session will introduce case studies themed ‘Common base network society’ and ‘FashionTech’.

Examples of IoT applications for industrial sewing machines - Opportunities for small to medium sized manufacturers and IT ventures

Addressing future technology, Mr Koshiro Yokota, President of Toyotake Industry Co., Ltd., will use a case example to illustrate the potential for IoT implementation in factories.

Twist Jacket (Lapel) Pattern and matching sewing - Making the front panels (patent pending)

Mr Susumu Inarida of specially-appointed committee member, Japan Modelist Association / Emeritus Professor of Bunka Fashion Graduate University (BFGU), whose seminar gathered an audience of over 200 visitors in 2016, will showcase his master craftsmanship again.
Cooperation:SUNWORK Co., Ltd. / Yoshio Suzuki Technical staff, GINZA YAMAGATAYA Inc.

Made-in-Japan to challenge the world

A proposal project on monozukuri (manufacturing) from Japan will be presented on stage again. Mr Yoshio Sadasue, Chairman of Maker’s Shirt Kamakura Co., Ltd.; Mr Masaki Sato, President of Sato Seni Co. Ltd and Mr Masahiro Shiraishi, President of Fashion Shiraishi Inc., will take part, together with moderator Mr Nobuyuki Kume, Senior adviser of KUME SEN-I Co., Ltd.

The enjoyment of analog connects the Japanese sewing industry to the next generation

Mr Hideki Tani, President of Valley LLC. will present ideas on how ‘small garment factories can expand their personal networks, and how sewing schools for children can be operated.

Aseismatic clothing (clothes that retain their shape) Making clothes that don’t lose their shape by applying adhesive after smoothing

Mr Yoshio Suzuki, a technical member of staff of GINZA YAMAGATAYA Inc. will introduce tailor techniques for men's clothing at a skills training seminar.
Cooperation:Susumu Inarida Emeritus professor, Bunka Fashion Graduate University(BFGU) / Speciallyappointed committee member, Japan Modelist Assosiate

The forefront of Asian apparel, the 10 year fight of Japanese sewing companies and the future

The most popular panel discussion of the last edition, hosted by ASIA-APPAREL PRODUCTION NETWORK (AAP), will return and discuss the 10 year fight of Japanese sewing companies and the future’. Taking part in the discussion are Mr Masayuki Tsunekawa, President of SANTEI CO., LTD., Mr Kazuo Iwai, President of Rocks Co. ltd, Mr Takashi Ishiguro, President of Kojima Iryo Co., ltd, Mr Kazuya Masai, President of Yumine Sewing Co., LTD. and Mr Kazuo Furushima, President of FASHION CLOTH FURUSHIMA CO., LTD. Mr Hiroshi Wada, Director / Executive secretary of AAP, will act as moderator.

Higg Index, the solution for your sustainability journey

An Introduction to the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) and ‘the Higg Index’, and a panel discussion composed of Japanese member of SAC, Toray Industries, Inc, ASICS Corporation, Teijin Frontier Co Ltd, and Nippon Steel Trading Corporation. The discussion will be moderated by Ms Marianna Tsuien, Senior Director of Business Development, Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC).

HIW’s effort to establish a sewing factory trading company

Mr Mirei Takamura, Chief Executive Officer of Hope International Works Co., Ltd. introduces a new business style called ‘Trading Company with Technical Skill’ that combines the advantages of factories and textile trading companies.

New experiments by underwear manufacturers - gender diversity

A seminar introducing clothing modifications to accommodate the transgender community, led by Mr Toru Miyawaki, Managing Executive Officer of Bisei Sangyo Co., Ltd., Mr Kazuyuki Nomura, Executive director of Hikoneseni Cooperative, Mr Keiichiro Ishimaru, Associate professor, Department of Psychology of Ochanomizu University.

Special Theme Zones

Photovoltaic textiles

Solar cells are processed into threads and integrated by weaving. This section will showcase photovoltaic textiles that are easy to bend, easy to handle, and highly productive. The zone is organised in cooperation with Sphelar Power Corporation, Matsubun Textile Co., Ltd., URASE Co., Ltd. and Fukui Taiyo Co., Ltd.

LED textiles

Light emitting fabrics weaved using LED tapes, LED substrates and processed with resin will be showcased.

Inkjet-printed smart textiles with sensor functionality

Conductive ink is printed onto textiles using an inkjet printer to form electrical circuits. Prototypes of smart textiles using smart fibers will be exhibited.

Home Sewing Machine Zone


The Home Sewing Machine Zone, catering for the B2C market, will feature major domestic household sewing machine manufacturers, with suggestions on ways to enjoy making things using sewing machines, and exhibits featuring the latest household sewing machines. Another highlight will be the presentation of the works of excellence award recipients of JASMA’s ‘40th Home Sewing Competition for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students’, published in ‘Support Goods and Cheering Costumes for Watching Sports’, with the award ceremony to be held on 23rd May from 14:20 to 14:50.

JIAM 2020 OSAKA Outline

  • Organiser:Japan Sewing Machinery Manufactures Association (JASMA)
  • Date:20 (Wednesday) – 23 (Saturday) May, 2020
  • Venue:INTEX OSAKA 4-6
  • Entrance fee:Without visitor pre-registration at the official website or invitation, the fee is JPY 1,000.
  • Visitor classification:apparel manufacturer, sewing industry, textile manufactures, textile processing industry, machine manufacturer and sales industry, embroidery and printing, manufactures and dyeing and finishing industry, automotive, aircraft and aerospace industry, cleaning laundry industry, supplies and accessories, fashion, accessories and household goods dealers, interior goods manufacturers, distribution and logistics, retailers, specialty store retailer of private label apparel, trading companies, governmental agency and association and embassy, students, others
  • Exhibitor classification:Planning, design, CAD, cutting, spreading, CAM, sewing equipment, embroidery, printing, laser design processing, finishing, laundry, inspection, testing, home sewing, supplies, accessories, fiber, sewing products, weaving, knitting, dyeing, textiles, fibers, non-woven fabrics, automotive and aircraft related, interior, furniture, housing, fashion accessories, household goods, sundry industrial textiles, ITinformation technology, distribution, logistics, facilities, equipment, environment, education and human resources, information services, others
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