Special Exhibits

Special Thema Zone

JIAM 2020, the forefront of the Future technology and Master craftsmanship collaboration

Cooperation: Fukui Industrial Technology Center
Introducing the latest research on e-textiles.

Photovoltaic textiles

Solar cells are processed into threads and integrated by weaving. Photovoltaic textiles that are easy to bend, easy to handle, and highly productive will be displayed.
Cooperation: Sphelar Power Corporation, Matsubun Textile Co., Ltd., URASE Co., Ltd., Fukui Taiyo Co., Ltd.

LED textiles

LED textiles made by weaving LED tape with LED substrates mounted on narrow strips of fabric and woven like yarn, along with products made by processing it with resin will be displayed.

Inkjet-printed smart textiles with sensor functionality

Conductive ink is printed onto textiles using an inkjet printer to form electrical circuits on the textile. Prototypes of smart textiles made using smart fibers will be displayed.

Home Sewing Machine Zone


A "Home Sewing Zone" will be set up by major domestic household sewing machine manufacturers, with suggestions on ways to enjoy making things using sewing machines, and exhibits featuring the latest household sewing machines. In addition, the “40th Home Sewing Competition for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students" (Awards ceremony to be held in March 2020), sponsored by the Japan Sewing Machinery Manufacturers Association (JASMA), will exhibit the top prize-winning works, along with excellent works in response to their call for “support goods and cheering costumes for watching sports”, with the award ceremony to be held according to the following schedule.

May 23 (Sat.) 14:20‒14:50

A ceremony to present awards for the “best support goods and cheering costumes for watching sports” will be held at the venue