Classification of Exhibits

  • 1.Planning, design, CAD
  • 2.Cutting, spreading, CAM
  • 3.Sewing
  • 4.Embroidery, printing
  • 5.Finishing, inspection, testing
  • 6.Weaving, knitting, dyeing
  • 7.Textiles, fibers, non-woven fabrics
  • 8.Notions, supplies
  • 9.Household furnishings, apparel accessories
  • 10.Distribution, logistics
  • 11.Home sewing
  • 12.Sundry industrial textiles
  • 13.Information technology
  • 14.Information services
  • 15.Facilities, equipment, environment
  • 16.Products (fiber, sewing products etc.) Other

Exhibition Texture

Alongside leading corporations involved with the textile and apparel industry, numerous companies possessing unique specialized technology are exhibiting at JIAM2012. In varied presentations, you can also get the latest information, both about the world’s very latest machines and systems and about know-how, software, and all aspects of the business.
Centered on industrial sewing machines, equipment, and related parts, the exhibition area at JIAM2012 is arranged in zones, including: Home Sewing Machine, Embroidery, Printing & Dyeing, CAD & CAM, and Secondary Materials. With products, technology, and services laid out in zones, it will be easy to gather information and initiate business discussions.

Sewing Machines, Equipment, and Related Parts

In the sewing machine sector, exhibitions will be put on by leading-edge Japanese manufacturers, including corporate members of JASMA, and major overseas makers from Europe, Asia, and elsewhere.
The products are not limited to sewing machines, and many specialist companies will be showing numerous attachments, parts, finishing machines, and other related equipment.

Notions, supplies

This zone brings together displays by makers and traders in interlinings, sewing threads, and other supplies. It also features test equipment and other items indispensible to the apparel industry.

Embroidery, Printing & Dyeing

In one place, you can see all kinds of printing and dyeing systems from embroidery machines to garment printers for T-shirts and large textile inkjet printers.


You can get a good look at systems for apparel CAD and the most advanced spreading machines, cutting machines, and other equipment, while also collecting the latest news from various presentations.

Home Sewing Machine Zone

Anyone with an interest in home sewing and hand-made items will want to attend all the numerous and diverse events that clamor for attention.

Special Events in Home Sewing Machine Zone

Exhibition of winning works in the JIAM2012 Quilt Awards
Quilt exhibition
Exhibition of Award of Excellence winning works from the JASMA Home Sewing Competition for Elementary, Middle, and High School Students.
History of sewing machines exhibition

Fashion Zone

Major organizations connected with Japanese fashion have collaborated to create this project demonstrating how linkage can work for the fashion industry.

JEANISM — Gathering at night (designer collaboration)
Collaboration: Japan Fashion Week Organization, Japan Jeans Association
Show of prize-winning works from Nagoya Fashion Contest 2012
Collaboration: Nagoya Fashion Promotion Committee

Japan Ingenuity Corner

The place to see innovative products and technology developed by Japanese companies.
Collaboration: National Federation of Cooperative Society of Sewing Machine Commerce and Industry