The Power of Japan

Exhibits in the theme zone are structured around the concept of the Power of Japan. The displays emphasis the intrinsic high quality of Japanese products and among the attractions arranged in four subdivisions and, on the stage floor, you can see arrayed the technology of tomorrow. Here, spreading to the world, the exhibits will strongly transmit from Japan the energy of the technology industry.

Advanced technology and information transmission corner

● Age of Digital Fashion
Related to textiles and apparel, here you can see presented the latest technology that is connected with making sales to the end consumer. Among the attractions are demonstrations of the latest smartphone dress-up technology that allows shoppers to virtually try on clothes and get advice from fashion consultants. This is the place to get hot news about the latest developments in the current age of fashion.

Cool Japan corner

● Traditional Beauty and Cool Japan
Discover the fusion of advanced technology with traditional Japanese culture, including representations of Japan’s globally famous animation contents (planned in collaboration with the World Cosplay Summit). Enjoy a stage show by famed cosplay enthusiasts from Japan and overseas.

Human-friendly corner

● Bringing comfort out of textiles
This section is designed so that you can touch and feel textiles, garments, and other items that embody consideration for human users and the environment. In one place you can experience a whole array of wicking, fast-drying, nanotech, and other products with amazing capabilities.
Here you can see a road map to the future of textiles.

Sports & Sew corner

● Undiscovered high-grade products
This corner celebrates Japanese skill and ingenuity in applying advanced sewing technology and textiles to improve the world of sports. On display, you can see some of the pro sportswear that has impressed in Olympic, and other international sporting events.