Sewing Machine Symposium ※Simultaneous interpretation: Chinese, English, and Japanese


“The coming generation of sewing machines and the form of the sewing industry”

※ The reception ended.

13:00 Address
Yoshihiro Yasui, Chairman, Japan Sewing Machinery Manufacturers Association (JASMA)

13:20~14:30 Panel discussion
Noboru Enomoto, Executive Director, Japan Sewing Machinery Manufacturers Association (JASMA)
Zhang Min, Deputy Chairman, China Sewing Machinery Association (CSMA)
Dietrich Eickhoff, Vice President, VDMA German Garment and Leather Technology Association
Frank Henderson, Board of Directors and Board Executive Committee,
           Sewn Products & Equipment Suppliers of the Americas (SPESA)
Coordinator: Shigeki Kondoh, Chairman, Japan Apparel Technology and Research Association

Linkage Symposium ※Simultaneous interpretation: English and Japanese


“These days, what’s so special about Made in Japan?”

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13:00~13:30 Keynote lecture
Yoshio Sadasue, President, Maker’s Shirt Kamakura Co.,Ltd.

13:35~15:00 Panel Discussion
Yoshiharu Kaihara, Chairman(CEO), Kaihara Corporation
Michikazu Kobayashi, Executive Director, EDWIN TRADING Co.,Ltd.
Nobutaka Morioku, President, IWATE MORIYA Co.,Ltd
Yoshio Sadasue, President, Maker’s Shirt Kamakura Co.,Ltd.
Moderator: Nobuyuki Kume, President, KUME Co.,Ltd.

Talk show


“Fashion and brand power”

Yuma Koshino, Fashion Designer
Interviewer: Yasuhiro Shoda, Professor, Faculty of Fashion Science Bunka Gakuen University

ファッションデザイナー 小篠 ゆま 氏

Seminar ※Simultaneous interpretation: English and Japanese


"Current state of testing: problems and corrective action"

※ The reception ended.

“Antibacterial/Deodorant Test for Textile Products”
Seiji Oi , Deputy-General Manager of Seibu Office and Manager of Kobe Testing Center, Japan Textile
Products Quality and Technology Center – Seibu Office

“Testing standards for textile exports to U.S & EU market”
Takehiro Okubo, Manager of Oversea test laboratory,Kaken Test Center

“Evaluation for functional textiles”
Fumiharu Sakai, Manager, Boken Quality Evaluation Institute


“Current and future state of CSR procurement”

Shigeki Kondoh, Chairman, Japan Apparel Technology and Research Association

“Social & Environmental Responsibility throughout Supply Chain.”

Kenji Shino, Director of Environmental Programs, Patagonia Japan


“Current and future situation of IC tags and fashion business”

Shoichi Morimoto, Associate Professor, School of Business Administration, Senshu University

“Brand protection from now on”

Hakaru Koike,
General Manager, Slide Fastener Division, Brand Protection Group, YKK Corporation

“Market trends in Myanmar”

Hiroyasu Asai,
Expert, HIDA (The Overseas Human Resources and Industry Development Association) Ltd., Director, Eco-tex Japan co.,Ltd.