Greeting on behalf of the organizers

With great pleasure, we announce that JIAM 2012 is being held in Osaka. Moreover, to this textile city, we will be welcoming visitors from Japan and overseas at a comfortable time when the summer heat has eased.

We hope that everyone who attends JIAM will also take advantage of their visit to enjoy Japan and the special charms of Osaka and Kansai. Including the first exhibition held in 1984 there have been nine JIAM shows. During this quarter century, visitors and participants have come to see JIAM as the place to get hot news about the latest technological innovations and newly developed machines and textiles. Owing to its drawing power and the support of all the participants, JIAM has become one of the world's major international apparel machine trade shows. Celebrating its tenth time around, a new-look JIAM 2012 invites visitors from all over the world, including Japan and Asian countries, to witness the latest technological developments and innovative offerings from apparel and textile machinery manufacturers and carry this news around the world.

The theme of JIAM 2012 is CREATIVE LINKAGE - Innovative Technology for a Prosperous and Comfortable Lifestyle. Besides displays of innovative products featuring brand-new technology, the new-look JIAM aims to bring about collaboration and integration with related industries by organizing joint exhibits of materials and processed products. A sensational 'stage for the textile and fashion industries,' JJIAM 2012 will be an international trade show 'where visitors can make new discoveries and find key ideas for further business development.'

Designed to help our sector achieve sustainability and prosperity, as well as promoting greater 'safety, security, and comfort' provided by the textile and apparel industries, JIAM 2012 will also showcase state-of-the-art technology for protecting the global environment.

Along with exhibitions concerned with machinery related to sewing and to the textile and apparel industries, you will find a special corner of the show devoted to getting out news about the very latest developments in Japanese technology. Meanwhile, a program of symposiums, seminars, and other events is being scheduled. And, for the large numbers of overseas visitors, industrial tours and factory visits are being planned.

With a cordial welcome, we look forward to seeing you at JJIAM 2012. You will find yourself in a forum where you can meet the people you need to know. At this launch pad for ideas and information, you can present, acquire, and spread the news latest about the latest technology and systems developed in Japan and other countries. If you are in the textile and apparel industry, it will provide an ideal opportunity to find keys that unlock the doors to business success. The organizers are confident that JIAM 2012 will generate ample business opportunities to all who attend.

 February 2011

Japan Sewing Machinery Manufacturers Association
Chairman, JIAM 2012 Executive Committee

Daido Mima


Title Japan International Apparel Machinery Trade Show (JIAM 2012 OSAKA)
Theme CREATIVE LINKAGE ‒ Innovative Technology for a Prosperous and Comfortable Lifestyle ‒
Dates September 19 (Wed) through September 22(Sat.), 2012 (4 days)
Hours 10:00‒17:00 (closes at 16:00 on final day)
Venue INTEX Osaka (1-5-102 Nanko-kita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka)
Organizer Japan Sewing Machinery Manufacturers Association (JASMA)
Organizing partner Osaka International Trade Fair Commission (OITFC)
Supported by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry/Osaka Prefectural Government/Osaka City Government/Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO)/
Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry/Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Special support China Sewing Machinery Association (CSMA)/German Garment and Leather Technology Association (VDMA)
Cooperating Organization Japan Machinery Federation/All Nippon Special Sewing Machine Manufacturers' Association/
National Federation of Cooperative Society of Sewing Machine Commerce and Industry/
Japan Apparel・Fashion Industry Council/Japan Export Clothing Manufacturers Association/
Federation of Japan Apparel Sewing Industry Association/ Japan Apparel Technology and Research Association,/Japan Machinery Center for Trade and Investment/Japan Chemical Fibers Association/
Japan Textile Finishers' Association/Japan Automatic identification Systems Association/
Japan National Tourism Organization/Kansai Fashion Association/Japan Textile Federation/
Japan Knitting Industry Association/Nippon Interior Fabric Association/
The Japan Textiles Importers Association/Japan Embroidery Association/Japan Textiles Exporters Association/All Nippon Nonwovens Association/Japan-China Economic Relations and Trade Center
Anticipated number of booths 1,300 booths (approx. 25,000 ㎡)
Projected number of visitors 35,000 (overseas: 7,000)
Admission JPY 1,000 (free via web-site pre-registration)