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Theme , Features

Show Title and Theme

Japan International Apparel Machinery & Textile Industry Trade Show

Innovative Solutions & Advanced Processing Technology


Intentions of JIAM International Trade Show are;

  • ・To contribute to the development of Global Apparel and Textile Industry by launching innovative new products to the world.
  • ・To serve a great forum for interaction among textile & apparel manufacturers from production countries as visitor and equipment manufacturers as exhibitor, with the sponsorship and support from garment, textile and machinery manufacturers associations in the world.
  • ・To lead into real business directly by linking to actual demand, while focusing on quality before quantity.
  • ・To offer essential hints for both exhibitors and visitors as an indispensable platform for business this has been recognized worldwide.

Innovative Solutions in wide range

While continuing the theme of the previous JIAM 2012 show - Creative Linkage -, there are available not only for garment processing in the core sector but also for a wide range of “innovative technology” for whole textile processing including industrial textile equipment, products and services which makeup the lifestyles and living broadening to lead to future. Therefore, its show title has been changed to the new “International Apparel Machinery and Textile Industry Trade Show” from the former “International Apparel Machinery Trade Show”.
Intent on making the cutting edge technologies and innovative advanced products with both hardware and software in order to contribute further to the development for apparel and textile industry, JIAM 2016 OSAKA , a new stage for the next generation, has - Innovative Solutions and Advanced Processing Technology - as its show theme.

JIAM Show - visible the future

Based on the development of many innovative new products by Japanese companies, especially by JASMA Members who are leading the industry, intention of JIAM show is to launch “innovative technology” to the world, it is “If you would visit to JIAM Show, the future for global apparel and textile industry can be found”.

Design Concept

The symbol of the exhibition is an imaginative expression of the cam construction, which provides the basis for the complex operations of the sewing machine. Its triangular shape expresses the search for the latest and best in apparel machinery technology. The streamlined feeling represents fabric design and states the union between cloth and sewing machine. And the entire work is permeated with the idea of creating a new wave of fashion.

Keeping alive the meaning, expression and design of the triangular “JIAM Mark” while adding graphical profundity, and it rebuilds into a visual representation of directional property of JIAM which continues from JIAM 2016 OSAKA into the future.
The central part of the image is reminiscent of the round collar of garment and it represents the trend of the next generation by a change in color, giving comfortable time and space with three dimensional.