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Exhibition Guidelines

Application Commencement

Application will be commencement from September, 2014

Early Bird Discount

Early bird special discount will be available when you would apply until 30th June, 2015. See below chart.
Final Application deadline will be on 30th October, 2015

Type of booth

Booth of type

A.Basic booth

B.Booth package plans

Package includes:
Carpet, 3 side walls, company name fascia board, booth number plate, information counter (1), folding chairs (2), name card receptacle (1), wastepaper basket (1), fluorescent tubes (40 W × 2), single phase socket (1 kW × 1; use for lighting or for display machine operation not allowed).

C.Row Space

Space and booth fees (excluding consumption tax)

Booth of type Number of booths Early bird price
(until 30th June, 2015)
Usual price
(After 1st July, 2015)
A. Basic booth
(3 m x 3 m = 9sqm/booth)
A1 1~5 booth JPY 280,000/booth JPY 300,000/booth
A2 6~9 booth JPY 270,000/booth JPY 290,000/booth
A3 10~18 booth JPY 250,000/booth JPY 270,000/booth
B. Booth package plans
(1-3 booths)
B1 1 booth (9sqm) JPY 345,000 JPY 365,000
B2 2 booth (18sqm) JPY 670,000 JPY 710,000
B3 3 booth (27sqm) JPY 1,000,000 JPY 1,060,000
C. Row Space C Over 72sqm 25,000円/sqm JPY 27,000/sqm
  • ※As a general rule, registration cancellations are not permitted.
  • ※As of 1st September, 2014 consumption tax rate of 8% applies. Be aware that this rate may increase and you will have to pay the difference.
  • ※See the attached Exhibition Guidelines for more information about booth fees, booth types as well as how to apply.
  • ※In principle, once an agreement to exhibit has been concluded, the exhibitors cannot cancel the contract. See the attached Conditions of Exhibition for more information.