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Category & Configuration

 JIAM 2016 OSAKA will encompass both apparel industry and textile industry as a whole including non-apparel sectors and segments such as industrial textile goods, automotive and aircraft related products, interiors, fashion & household sundry. It will be showing the latest technologies and innovative new products related to the whole of the sewing industry, apparel manufacturing and textile processing.
Under the show theme – Innovative Solutions & Advanced Processing Technology, JIAM 2016 OSAKA will showcase the most advanced equipment and systems in the world. It promises to be an invaluable source of firsthand information that will give visitors the kind of up-close look at innovative new products both software and hardware which you just can't find on the Internet or in any catalog.
JIAM 2016 OSAKA is an international trade show that takes you to the cutting edge technology for the fashion, apparel, textile, and interior design industries. Here you'll find the latest in innovative technology, practices, equipment, materials, products, information, and services all under one roof. There is something here for everyone with exhibits spanning everything from state-of-the-art sewing and garment manufacturing equipment to the latest in CAD/CAM, embroidery, printing, home sewing, supplies & accessories, materials, textile-related equipment, automotive and aircraft related products, interior decorations, fashion accessories, household goods, education and human resource development, as well as information services.
During JIAM 2016 OSAKA , right across the range of the sewing-related sector, besides valuable deepening and broadening of communications between exhibitors and trade visitors, there will be plenty of opportunities to discover innovative solutions to encounter business partners leading to sustainable business.


(A) Sewing Related Equipment (B) Sewing Related Parts & Material (C) Textile Related Equipment (D) Textile Goods (E) IT - Information Technology (F) Others

Classification of Exhibits

  1. Planning, Design, CAD
  2. Cutting, Spreading, CAM
  3. Sewing Equipment
  4. Embroidery, Printing,
    Laser design processing
  5. Finishing, Laundry
  6. Inspection, Testing
  7. Home Sewing
  8. Supplies, Accessories
  9. Fiber, Sewing Products
  10. Weaving, Knitting, Dyeing
  11. Textiles, Fibers,Non-woven Fabrics
  12. Automotive and Aircraft related
  13. Interiors, Furniture, Housing
  14. Fashion Accessories, Household Goods
  15. Sundry Industrial Textiles
  16. IT - Information Technology
  17. Distribution Logistics
  18. Facilities, Equipment, Environment
  19. Education and Human Resource Development
  20. Information Services

Anticipated visitors

Apparel manufacturers / Fashion House / Interior goods manufacturers / Embroidery and printing manufacturers / Sewing factories / Dealers / Textile processing industry / Automotive and aircraft industry / Fashion accessories and household goods dealers / Cleaning laundry industry / Textile manufacturers / Logistics / Retailers / Trading companies / Students / Others