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Special Exhibits

Special Thema Zone

 Under the theme of“Innovative Solutions and Advanced Processing Technologies”, we will provide innovative solutions to major challenges facing the textile manufacturing and apparel related industry.


JAPAN FASHION INDUSTRY COUNCIL J∞QUALITY is a unified brand of products, every production process of which, that is, from weaving, knitting,dyeing,processing, sewing, planning, to sales, is handled in Japan. The latest information on the J∞QUALITY Certification System that certifies the technology, sense of beauty and safety of“ all Japan-made” products will be exhibited.

InventionThe forefront of silk fiber technology

The National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences (NIAS) Shiny silk developed using silkworms and tough spider silk developed using orb-web spider threads will be exhibited.

Advanced TechnologyAdvanced textile technology: " Photovoltaic textiles" and "RFID fibers"

Industrial Technology Center of Fukui Prefecture/Sphelar Power Corporation/ URASE. Co., Ltd. /Matsubun Textile Co., Ltd. Textiles with embedded solar panels and an ultra-small string-like IC tag will be displayed. The latest textile technology that will change your life and style will be presented.

MotivationPromotion of future fashion 4.0

Digital Fashion Limited This is an upgraded version of the Age of Digital Fashion at the Advanced Technology and Information Transmission Corner in the Special Theme Zone of the previous show, JIAM2012. Here you will see Japan’s excellent raw materials, design capability, sewing skills, ability to create and design trends, and the latest sales tools to respond to the purchasing behavior and needs of consumers, and moreover, a scene where a new innovative streamlined world is realized through the combination of each of the above and digital technology.

Event stage

4/7 Thur.

4/8 Fri.

 Special cooperation

4/8 Fri.
Featured by FBS: Paradigm shift of the fashion business
- A new stage of Japanese creation and monozukuri (manufacturing)

Yoshiharu Nakamura Senior Director of IFF,Chief Editor of senhen h

4/9 Sat.
Talk show by digital fashion creators: Future of the textile industry

Yu Amatsu
Hanae Mori manuscrit.

Fashion designer

Nobuyuki Hayashi
IT Journalist

4/9 Sat.
Talk show : Kathy Nakajima and Yosuke Katsuno

A mother-son talk show between Kathy Nakajima, a TV personality who is also known as a popular quilting master, and her son,
Yosuke Katsuno, who finished his trainings in Paris and launched his career as a couturier in Japan.

Kathy Nakajima

Yosuke Katsuno

JIAM 2016 Osaka - Trade Consulting Services / Business Support Concierge Services

Trade Consulting Services

Professional trade consultants are ready to provide practical solutions for successful import-export business, marketing support in foreign markets and developing new export markets for local SMEs.

Wednesday, April 6th to Friday, April 8th (3 days) 10:30-16:30 (Reception closes at 16:30)
Time for consultation: Max 30 minutes per one person/group
Area B, in the Hall 5 “Trade Consulting Services Counter”
NO reservation nor consultation fee required.

Information Counter / Help Desk

Detailed guidance on the venue and language (Japanese and English) support for both exhibitors and visitors

Installation Period:
Wednesday, April 6th to Saturday, April 9th (Throughout the fair)
Each hall
Limited hold time for language support (Japanese and English): Max 15 minutes for one person/group
*Please note that we only provide language support within information counter/help desk. As we do not conduct this service in exhibit booths, we encourage you to come to the information counter in case you need language assistance for your business negotiation.
NO reservation nor fee required.